Be Invisible?


One of a kind Award Winning Illusion Costumes


This Illusion Creates Screams from your audience, Where are You ? The closer the People get, the more baffled they become, and the better the Illusion works. No one can figure it out. When the head turns it blows people away. Then when the Jacket opens, you see a empty pair of pants. Smoke start to rise from inside the empty pants and a light confirms trough the Smoke, No one is there.

There’s more, Take a drink, put it to your Invisible Lips and drink it Down. You really hear the Screams when people see that drink disappear. We have had Professional Magicians ask us “How did you do that?”

If you would like to be in the Spotlight and the talk of the Party, You need to be Invisible. This Illusion is definitely a Crowd Stopper, with unbelievable reactions.

We custom fit this Illusion to your Body size and your likes. There are secret things you get to learn when you choose to be Invisible.